El Gusano is mixed with genuine fruit flavouring, offering you an all natural, low sugar, vegan friendly, delicious margarita cocktail inspired beverage.

Hey you! I hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on because you’ve just stumbled across the website for El Gusano - which means it’s time to party! This easy drinking, all natural, low sugar margarita cocktail inspired beverage has been made just for you and your mates!

But where did the idea for this unique blend of natural flavours come from? Right off the bat of six buds looking to build a brand everyone would enjoy.

The El Gusano Margarita is the result of one of New Zealand’s most innovative NFT projects, that has to linked web3 to a real-world product, enjoy the fruit it’s borne!

When you pick up a box of El Gusano you'll see some names on the box, what are these names you ask? These people are some of the hard working enthusiasts dedicated to the web3 NFT space that helped turn this dream into a reality.

El Gusano was designed for making memories and making friends, which means it’s best consumed with others! We have no doubt you will enjoy this tasty beverage just as much as we do.

Join the party with El Gusano.

El Gusano RTD

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